Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8.Reality Check

The holiday
I cant believe i slept from 5pm to 9pm... thats four hours!!
Since holidays, im having insomia almost every day... Cant sleep wile others are dreaming away...

Now that im back from K.L n work has started, the clock hadmswitched back its timing...
K.L trip was fun! Despite having to quarrel with the stupid GRO from the Quality Hotel, the rest was splendid... Never do much shopping actually coz busy buying the 'kain' for my aunties and mummy..

The food at Rebung was splendin... All the Peranakan and Nyonya dishes... Very tasty la....Anyone going K.L should go and eat there...
Many thanks to cuzin Fir and his friend Azlan, for showing us around the city..

The reality
K.L aside and back to reality... My first day at Eden yesterday was great... Nutin much to do..Some administrative things like issuing the school pass, my email add and table was done early in the morning... then Juz reading up the students profile and learning more about Autism... pretty interesting as alot of facts about Autism i didnt noe! A lot of learnin to do...
Today's the second day there, setting up the classroom and doing the IEP's.. pretty blurrr still actually...hehhe

I dunno wat it will be when school re opens but ill still giv my every effort and heart to it... So will update more when the real thing starts and good nyte peeps!

"respect my blog,cos its not or hate me~u decide"

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