Thursday, June 18, 2009

7. Tired, tired

Its been a tiring day- becoming mum's chauffer for the day...
First, went to facial with her at Bukit Batok..Ive never been to any 'real' facial before and to my shocking horror its soooo painful..Okay pardon me, coz ive the least tolerance level for pain..hehe
Besides the pain, my pocket's gonna be empty soon... The whole package that i signed up cost nearly five hundred! Women, anything for the name of beauty! duh!

After the facial, went to Jurong Point, had lunch and dinner and to meet my aunt there. After J.P, went to Turf City on behalf of abang to collect the rented car as we are going K.L tomorrow.
Shivering u noe, driving the Odyseey. Very the big la dat car... hmmm...wen can i afford dat car eh? heheh..

Okay juz updating wat ive done today.. Now going to bathe and to sleep soon.. tomorrow got a long long long day...
Aniway, tomorow im off driving up to K.L.. so dun miss me peeps!!

Have a gd weekend!

"respect my blog,cos its not or hate me~u decide"

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