Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2. Happenings

Its the most awaited time of the year for educators especially, again!!Yeah as fun as it sounds, alot of things are happening...and some are not so fun at all..Some things, for a long time it has been going on, i simply have no idea at all..

I seriously dunno what u or ur gf have against me 'I' but you noe wats the situation like and pls for watever reason dat ur gf have; pls ask her to stop all her stupid remarks and gossips..It has gotten really out of hands, involving families which i never wanted them to be involved in the first place, and there; the cat's out of the bag..Watever it is, i dun care wat others say about me as long as its the truth but u shld noe what's going around and whose spreading it.. pls 'I'..As for your future concerns 'I' , I can only wished u the best and i hope u will be happy with wat u have.. If i cant be depended upon, like u said, i hope u had found the person u can depend on to go thru ups and downs of ur life..Dun worry, im used to ur hurtful words and ive been living with that thou its been 8yrs now, ur words, good or bad, sweet or cruel are still playing in my mind..
There are so many unexplained things betwn u and me, but i reckon it had no use for areadi..U had moved on to a new chapter of ur life, im happy for u thou it sounds 'fake'..watever

Now for the happy side, im finnalllly gettin my dreams to work with the special needs children..Im pretty excited and nervous at the same time..Well, for the sake of the super looonng interviews that i had with them, i have to give it a try and my bestest..Thank you my people, for giving me the encouragement to fulfill my dreams, and oh ya, thank you Nur for waiting 3hrs for me outside the school wile im in the interview..I juz hope it will give me a new life and a better prospect in my career..
So yeah, It has been a long entry, i juz wana pour out some of my concerns and share my joy here..
"respect my blog,cos its not urs...love or hate me~u decide"

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