Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3.Yakuza Moon

Ive just finished reading this book "Yakuza Moon".. and I can say its a very good story..
A cuzin of mine borrowed it to me and at first i tot it would not be of any interest to me, but after reading it, i tot its a very good book..
Just imagined i burnt my sleep for 2 days straight just to finished the book..heheh..

A heartfelt story, noting much about the yakuza actually..just that the author comes from the yakuza fmily as her father was the head of the yakuza commitee..
And so the story is about the author going thru bullying, deliquency, drugs, love, violence, marriage, divorce, debt, eating disorder , sickness and death.
The language used is very simple and easy to understand.
Wat moves me more, is how the author hang on despite the hardships she have to go thru and even helped her siblings at the expense of her own life.And she had truly shown the meaning of "FAMILY"~ its a place she describe as the happieset place always...

Read on coz its truly an enriching story..

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