Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5.My Day

Today i woke up at the sound of my handphone msg beeping me with aliz aking me to go joggin..
She juz came back from her night shift, and me having too much sleep and doing nothing almost every day,decided dat it might be a good idea since i have laid in my bed for dunno how many hours for almost two weeks now...
Im going insane seriously...Nobody is free to be hooked up.. =(
Everyone is of course, working... Thats about holidays- u want it to come quickly, but when it comes, u just get bored!
Anyone wants to be my full time entertainer?? *winks winks*

Aniway, back to the topic of me and aliz going jogging (we didnt jog actuali, just walk briskly..heh), we walked all the way from our nearby park till the big longkang and back to our blocks! Very far right?!!?? Along the way, we spotted people fishing, people walking their dogs and a dirty dirty longkang (haiyo!)..
Its pretty refreshing actually coz i had never attempted to walk/jog early in the morning..
After that, we grab breakfast and then head on to aliz's hse to eat..

Around 12 plus, went back home, took a quick shower and lied on my my storybook and guess wat?? Obviously, i feel asleep...Just woke up actually...
So dats about what ive done, half of my day... At least it is more meaningful today, isnt it??
Ive nutin much to say actually, just feel like blogging, coz u noe, ive too much free time to kill..

Tink i better go and shower, coz im sticky all over from the heat...So hope u guys had a good day!

"respect my blog,cos its not or hate me~u decide"

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