Monday, July 27, 2009

12. a bitch STILL

ive actually gotten over you, really but seeing you last Sat was reali not a good thing.. Everything seems to flash back again and again...
Your words, your lies and your empty promises never seemed to go in hand with what you said to me; "I am a lady and i perfectly understand how you feel"..Oh damn you..u never reli do...
And staring at me doesnt help, dun be a coward.. Bitching behind my back, checking out my profiles and trying to find out more about me, wat's your problem??
You seriously need to take care of yourself first.. I dun nid xtra care from you..
seriously, i dun wan to be reminded of you but i just cant help it and having nowhere else to pour my hatred words, i pen it down here...
I dun care if you gona read it or whoeva is gona pass it to you coz you wana play this game first, rite??
I just hope one fine day, the same thing..oops sorry THINGS you did to me will happen to u or i just hope your sickly father or mother will rot in hell..
Coz i tink your parents have not brought you up well to mind your own shits..
i may not be as good or an angel but at least i dun go around snatching other people's boyfriend..
so juz bug off, you BITCH.
i dun wana display your name here coz it will dirty my blog..i dun wan my things to be as filthy as pls MYOB

"respect my blog,cos its not or hate me~u decide"

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