Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi hi...miss me?? heheh...
yeah my blog's preettty empty rite?? Coz my computer is stupidly slow n i hate to wait n dat explains all...even the layout of this blogspot is different...what the hell happen??

Anyway, work's is fine.. Coping and lotsa learning to do.. but im enjoyin it there thou there's complains from me here n there..hehe

Nutin much to say actuali coz my mind's empty..juz out of random..n also to extend my congrats to my dear gf, Sue who had given birth to finally a boy!! i also wana a baby boy!!hmmm...

N also on a lighter note, juz wana give all my support to my another gf, liz, whose both dads are in hospital..One critically ill while the othr hav some blood complications.. I hope evrytin's gona b alrite for u and be strong coz evrytin that happen has a reason behind it,so hold on, gal!

"respect my blog,cos its not or hate me~u decide"

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